Douglas Tree & Property Service offers a variety of services in Pennsylvania, including
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    • Land Clearing
  • Pruning services
    • Crown Reduction
    • Corrective Pruning
    • Structural Pruning
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​​​Welcome to Douglas Tree Service, We are Lancaster Counties premiere Tree Service. we specialize in affordable Tree Services in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania which include full removals, pruning trees and shrubs, corrective pruning, mulching, and stump grinding . Contact Us at 717-538-8762 for a free estimate.. Tree Service Lititz, Tree Service Lancaster, Tree Removal Service ManheimNo matter the size of your tree service project, we’ve got the professional expertise and the equipment to handle it. 

Douglas Tree & Property Service is committed to providing a quality of tree care that is second to none. We have built our reputation by providing this standard of excellence to all of our customers; no matter how large or small their tree care needs may be, and best of all we will do it at an affordable price.  We work hard; not to obtain one time customers, but to add you to our reputable list of long time repeat customers. Don't trust your tree's needs to amateurs who may make expensive mistakes.  We offer a wealth of experience, expertise, equipment, competitive prices, and free estimates.

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Because we are tree care experts with the skills, and resources. We know-how to do the job with lasting results, adding appeal and value to your property, Douglas Tree Service’s prices can’t be beat. In fact, we will beat any legitimate competitor’s price for the same scope of work, making us a trusted tree company in Lancaster County.

Douglas owns its equipment and trucks, so we always have the right tools to do the job with the highest quality results for each tree service near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Whether your home is on acres of ground or adjacent to your neighbors, we take great care to protect all property, we use ground protection mats to prevent damage or ruts to your lawn.

Depending on the location of a tree in relation to your home and other structures in Lancaster, PA, we can climb, use aerial lifts or other equipment. Whether removing a damaged limb or a large specimen tree, we perform all of our pruning and services in the safest, most efficient way possible.

Our business philosophy is simple: Higher Standards/ Small Operation

Higher standards for our tree-care business are what set our company apart. It is the most important factor in operating our business. It’s the reason we choose to remain small to this day. Choosing to remain small enables us to provide our customers with the highest quality service possible and a better understanding of our customer’s needs. The arborist doing the estimate will also be the arborist overseeing the work performed. You will not find this kind of procedure with your larger companies. Their emphasis is on high production and usually results in a lot of shortcuts being taken leading to incorrect pruning. You can rest assured that we will take all the time necessary to prune every tree like it is our own.

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We Specialize in Corrective Pruning

There are three basic reasons why we prune trees. The first is to improve the look of a tree; the second is to improve the health of a tree; and the third is to make a tree more storm resistant. We offer thinning, elevating, deadwooding, crown reduction, structural pruning, and corrective pruning to achieve your objectives.

The first priorities when pruning established trees are to reduce conditions in the tree that contribute to weakness, ensure strong tree structure by guiding future growth, and create clearance. Treating defect by reducing or thinning stems that compete with the leader, large forked limbs and those with inclusions, or aggressive (fast-growing) or long branches reduces risk by slowing their growth rate or redistributing mass.

The Structural Approach to Pruning. The primary focus when pruning landscape trees should be to reduce conditions that contribute to weakness and to prepare the tree for removal of low branches. Established older trees in urban landscapes should be pruned primarily to reduce risk, preserve a tree structure that boosts amenity values, provide clearance, and improve the aesthetic value of the property. Achieving these objectives requires different pruning strategies for trees of different species, life stages, and sizes.Specific types of pruning may be necessary to maintain a mature tree in a healthy, safe, and attractive condition. Cleaning is the removal of dead, dying, diseased, weakly attached, and low-vigor branches from the crown of a tree.


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#1 concern of homeowner, My Tree Is Getting Too Big!

Don’t let an amateur tell you he can top it for you.

Trees add beauty and value too your property. I start by evaluating your trees for safety.  Has it been improperly pruned before, e.g., topped, or head cut which neither are approved practices.

Both will create a dangerous tree and lower property values because the tree is dying from the improper pruning, while new water sprouts are trying to save the tree. The limbs are dying. The water sprouts grow rapidly on the dying limb and eventually wind or snow start bringing them down.

Douglas Tree Service uses an approved technique called Crown Reduction Pruning , sometimes called drop-crotch pruning, is most often used when a tree has grown too large for its permitted space. This method is preferred to topping because it results in a more natural appearance, increases the time before pruning is needed again, and minimizes stress. This special procedure removes the end of a branch by cutting back to a “crotch” created by a lateral branch so that water and nutrients will be redirected into the lateral branch and it can then assume the primary growth responsibility of the removed branch. Employing this method insures the tree will produce fewer sprouts at the point of the cut and the tree’s natural growth will be preserved.

Bradford Pear Trees are beautiful trees when they bloom in the spring, but they have very weak crotches and tend to split very easily when they get top heavy. You have to keep your Bradford Pear Tree Crown Reduced to avoid getting to top heavy and breaking.

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