At Douglas Tree Service Lancaster Pa, we specialize in affordable low cost tree removal services. We can safely remove and trim any tree regardless of size, location or condition. By utilizing our state of the art equipment, expert climbing skills, and extensive experience we make even the toughest jobs look easy. Tree removal Lancaster. 


​​The cost of tree removal service varies according to the complexity of the job, a tree's location, height, width, number of branches and proximity to power lines or other obstacles. Tree removal services  generally includes bringing the tree down to a stump, chipping and hauling away all the branches, removing the trunk.

Tree removal service in most urban and suburban landscapes presents a challenge. Trees in neighborhoods often are surrounded by other valuable plantings or structures. Tree removal service, especially for large trees, require careful dismantling by highly trained personnel utilizing state-of-the-art machinery to ensure your safety and the protection of your home and property. The use of specialized equipment during tree service removal is determined by the conditions on your landscape, branch architecture, and the soundness of your tree.. 

Removing a tree from your outdoor home may make sense when: • It is dead or dying-hazardous • It has become structurally unsound due to insects or disease • It has a negative effect on other, more desirable plantings • It may interfere with new construction  • It's root system is undermining other structures

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Why Limbs Fall in Your Yard-Tree Service Lititz, Millersville, Landisville, Mountville, Lancaster, Manheim

Travel around a neighborhood after a storm and you will see tree limbs, large and small, scattered about the ground. Why do some limbs fall in high winds or after ice storms while others merely bend? Should you worry about that large limb overhanging your driveway? 

“One reason trees fail is weak branch unions,”. “Homeowners can educate themselves about tree limbs, but they should call a professional if they are worried about an overhanging branch.”

Trees may suffer from naturally formed imperfections that can lead to branch failure at the union of the branch and main stem. There are two types of imperfections that create weak unions: a branch union with included bark. A weak branch union occurs when a branch and stem (or two or more co-dominant stems) grow so closely together that bark grows between them, inside the tree, and epicormic branches
form on the stems and branches of topped trees. When old, large epicormic branches are growing on decaying stems or branches, the epicormics are very likely to fail.

Epicormic branches, by their very nature, form weak unions because they are shallowly attached instead of being attached all the way to the center of the stem. Epicormic branches grow very quickly so they become heavy very quickly. After a time they lose their connection to the main branch and may fall to the ground because the underlying wood cannot support their weight.

Some species are notorious for having included bark: European mountain ash, green ash, hackberry, boxelder, willow, red maple, silver maple, Amur maple, cherry, Bartlett pear and littleleaf linden. 


Tree Pruning-Tree Trimming Lititz , Millersville, Landisville, Mountville, Lancaster, Manheim

Fall is a great time to be outside in our landscapes and gardens. We take stock of which plants are looking good and which plants seem to need a little help. It is natural to want to “do” something to help a tree – prune it, fertilize it, polish it – we can’t help wanting to touch it in some way.

Pruning is an oft needed maintenance treatment for good tree health, and to keep your tree and yard safe and looking good, but pruning without a good reason is not good tree care practice. Pruning just because your neighbor is doing it may not be
beneficial for the tree, and could result in too much live tree tissue being removed. This can cause the tree to become stressed, and perhaps decline.

In fact, industry tree pruning standards (ANSI A300) say no more than 25 percent of a tree’s foliage should be removed in a single season, and if the tree cannot tolerate a lot of pruning, even less should be removed. When determining how much pruning your
tree can tolerate, an arborist may consider if the tree:

§  is healthy

§  is still growing rapidly or has matured and slowed its growth

§  had its roots severed or damaged recently or in the past

§  suffers from disease

§  is a species tolerant of heavy pruning

A good arborist will work with you to set an objective for the pruning job (i.e., what you want accomplished when the work is done). Pruning objectives usually include one or more of the following:

§  reduce risk of damage to people or property

§  manage tree health and direction of growth

§  provide clearance for vehicles or roadways

§  improve tree structure

§  increase or improve aesthetics

§  restore shape

“Once tree pruning objectives are established, the we can provide specific details on how your trees could be pruned to get the desired result,”.

The pruning process can be overwhelming to those not familiar with shade and ornamental tree pruning. A qualified tree care expert trained in tree and woody plant health care can answer your questions, as well as help you with your tree pruning goals. Make sure to ask for tree pruning to be done according to ANSI A300 standards, the generally accepted industry standards for tree care practices.


Landscaper vs Arborist—Whats The Difference- Tree Service Lititz

Distinguishing between landscapers and arborists may seem unnecessary, at first. To the average homeowner, there is little difference between the two – both perform a variation of yard work, so it doesn’t really matter which one you hire, right?


Landscaping and arboriculture are very unique professions, and it’s important for homeowners to be cognizant of this fact. Failing to understand the differences could lead to safety hazards, as landscapers are often ill-equipped handle the more dangerous aspects of tree work.


“Traditional landscaping tasks include landscape and hardscape installation, lawn care, lawn irrigation installation and maintenance, mulching, garden bed preparation and maintenance and sometimes shrub pruning,” Douglas Tree Service explains.
“Arboriculture, on the other hand, involves caring for mature trees, tree removal, pruning, cabling, stump grinding, and more.”

Why is the distinction important? “A landscaper will not necessarily be equipped with the training and
the tools needed to perform arboricultural operations safely, or even correctly,”. This can result in the landscape contractor overextending himself, which can result in damage to their person and/or your property. As a homeowner, you may even find yourself responsible for the damage!

Professional arborists, on the other hand, are accustomed to handling dangerous equipment such as chippers and chainsaws.  Reputable tree care companies also adhere to pruning standards, carry liability insurance and understand the importance of standardized safety practices on the jobsite. Tree Removal Lititz.

So, how can homeowners determine whether they need to hire a landscaping company versus a tree carecompany? “Consider the scope of the work that needs to be done, and match it to the scope of services offered by the company you’re hiring,”.

In other words, if your lawn needs an aesthetic overhaul by someone knowledgeable in horticulture, call a landscaping company. If your
trees are looking desperate or dangerous, contact us. Tree Service Lititz Pa.




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There are several common symptoms of sickness that you can watch out for to determine if your tree needs help. Then, it's all a matter of diagnosing and taking action! A few common warning signs are listed below:

§  Poor structure. Sometimes trees can lean more to one side, or
have an odd shape that is caused by an unnatural growth pattern. Severe storms
and poor pruning are usually to blame for this; rectify this issue soon to
prevent the tree from falling!

§  Decay. This one can be hard to spot, as decay usually
affect the inside of the tree first. Visible symptoms include: mushroom-like
spores, an expanded base, dead branches, and soft, breakable wood.

§  Weak unions or joints are also an indicator that your tree is
sickly. If your tree’s branches don’t look very attached to the tree, there is
a problem. This is caused by branches growing close together with bark in
between. Weak branches mean they could fall at any time.

§  Cracks in your tree are tricky to diagnose because
some are normal and some are not. Overall, the cracks don’t necessarily hurt
the tree unless they become too deep and affect the tree’s infrastructure and
branches, or if they host detrimental pests.

§  Cankers are areas of dead bark on your tree. A canker
is similar to a human canker sore; both are painful sores from a disease caused
by stress. A tree canker is caused by bacteria/fungi that infect a tree through
an open wound. Once it’s inside, it attacks the tree and causes it stress, and
in turn, a canker. Fortunately, these can usually be pruned off the tree.

§  The last symptom of a sick or dying tree is deadwood. Deadwood is exactly what it sounds like;
wood that is dead. The branches are usually easy to break and are dry.

All of these symptoms are warnings that your tree's health is threatened. The faster you identify these indications, the faster your tree can get back to normal. Tree service Lititz Pa.


Leave Storm-Related Work to the Professionals at Douglas Tree Service Lititz

Yet another storm has brought distress into your yard – uprooted trees, broken branches, and stray debris abound. As a proud homeowner, you are understandably tempted to fire up your old chain saw and take matters into your own hands. But before you do, ask yourself: “Am I capable of removing this large tree/limb myself, or should I seek professional help?” Tree Trimming Lititz.

The answer is always, without a doubt, “I need professional help!”

Major tree damage cleanup will require the use of a chain saw and climbing equipment. Unless you are experienced in the use of such equipment, and are comfortable working off the ground, it is best to have you work performed by a competent professional.

my chain saw is right here!” You insist. “It wouldn’t take me long at all! Besides, I’ve used a chain saw before to cut up an old fence. What could possibly go wrong if I cut up this giant tree branch in my yard?”

Plenty can go wrong! Unless you are a professionally trained tree worker who knows what to look out for, that is.

Post storm clean-up hazards may include the following:

§  There could be overhead and/or nearby electrical wires that create potential hazards
and limit the options for tree cutting. Torn, hanging limbs overhead could make
it extremely dangerous to cut downed limbs underneath them.

§  Most chain saw work on large limbs or trees requires the experience of a trained
operator to prevent injuries. Wood under tension (one or both ends of the
fallen tree or branch pinned under other branches or debris) can have different
types of binds at different places. Releasing that tension with chain saw cuts
is extremely dangerous and can seriously, or fatally, harm the chain saw
operator. Tree Service Lititz.

§  Uprooted root plates or root balls are unpredictable. Cutting the trunk of a fallen tree
from an uprooted plate releases the pressure holding the root plate. The roots
are still anchored and may have enough tension that they will pull the stump
and root ball back into the hole. It could suddenly sit back into the root
hole, trapping anything nearby underneath it.

§ Slope and uneven footing surfaces are dangerous while operating a chain saw.

§  Watch that bar tip! Cutting branches on the ground can cause you to bury the saw bar
in the dirt or hit hidden obstacles, causing chain saw kickback.

§  Many homeowners injured doing their own tree work were working alone at the time,
significantly lengthening emergency response time and hospital stays. Always
have at least one other person work with you. In case you get trapped or
injured, there’s someone to call for help. Tree Trimming Lititz.

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