We have serviced thousands of families as well as businesses and municipalities in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Chances are, if you live in Lancaster County or anywhere in the surrounding area, you know someone who is satisfied with the tree service done by Douglas Tree Service.

Our services include: Tree Pruning, Tree Removal , Stump Grinding and Crane Service for large or hazardous tree removal

​At Douglas Tree Service Lancaster Pa, we specialize in affordable low cost tree removal services. We can safely remove and trim any tree regardless of size, location or condition. By utilizing our state of the art equipment, expert climbing skills, and extensive experience we make even the toughest jobs look easy. Tree removal Lancaster.

Tree Removal lancaster, pa

The cost of tree removal service varies according to the complexity of the job, a tree's location, height, width, number of branches and proximity to power lines or other obstacles. Tree removal services  generally includes bringing the tree down to a stump, chipping and hauling away all the branches, removing the trunk.

Tree removal service in most urban and suburban landscapes presents a challenge. Trees in neighborhoods often are surrounded by other valuable plantings or structures. Tree removal service, especially for large trees, require careful dismantling by highly trained personnel utilizing state-of-the-art machinery to ensure your safety and the protection of your home and property. The use of specialized equipment during tree service removal is determined by the conditions on your landscape, branch architecture, and the soundness of your tree.. 

Removing a tree from your outdoor home may make sense when: • It is dead or dying-hazardous • It has become structurally unsound due to insects or disease • It has a negative effect on other, more desirable plantings • It may interfere with new construction  • It's root system is undermining other structures

Tree removal services

Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming Lancaster pa:

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At Douglas Tree Service lancaster pa, we have the proper training and education to prune your trees properly. There are several important reasons for pruning a tree. The most common reason to prune a tree is to provide:

clearance from structures and overhead wires. Tree limbs that are to close to a roof can cause damage because the roof does not dry adequately after wet weather. Also squirrels and other animals can use tree limbs to access your attic. Trees and shrubs are a lot like people; they tend to thrive when given good care and attention.

​Proper pruning techniques include the removal of limbs that may be misshapen, damaged or dead. Rubbing branches, some vertical stems, water shoots and inward growing branches are typically removed to maintain health, shape and, more importantly, safety. Each species of tree has its own natural look and shape that good pruning should maintain. A properly pruned tree should allow for good air flow to minimize damage from wind and weather. Of course, naturally occurring deadwood must be removed for safety.

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Although tree pruning can be done at any time during the year, winter is preferred as the structure of the tree is visible without foliage. Some species prefer to be pruned during summer. An arborist Douglas Tree Service will be happy to assess your pruning needs and offer suggestions. Tree trimming Lancaster.

Some Tree trimming/ pruning considerations:                      

​• Aesthetics; shape and appearance

• Improve structural integrity, Control growth

• Enhance Flowering and Foliage

• Safety; remove dead & dying limbs

• Clearance from structures, service wires, etc.

• Minimize the effects of weather

​We offer the following tree trimming/ pruning techniques:

CLASS I –Complete crown cleaning 

Removal of all deadwood
Removal of all rubbing and crossing branches
Removal of all co-dominant stems
Removal of up to 1/4 of entire canopy.

CLASS II – Basic Tree Trimming/ Prune

Removal of all deadwood 1- inch diameter and larger
Removal of all rubbing and crossing branches

CLASS III --Hazard Prune

​​Removal of all deadwood 2- inch diameter and larger
​Removal of all hazardous, broken or hanging limbs 

​Healthy, well shaped trees and shrubs are a true asset to your outdoor home. As an integral part of the overall landscape, they add the natural beauty that that you will enjoy each time you go outside.
Whatever your pruning needs are, our Certified Arborists are well equipped to meet your needs quickly, easily and safely. Douglas Tree Service has been providing a full range of tree pruning, tree removal and arbor care services throughout Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for over Twenty years. Tree trimming Lancaster.

Call 717-538-8762 or email us to schedule a no obligation site visit by one of our sales representatives today!

Stump Grinding:

After the tree has been removed we can also remove the unsightly stump. Once the stump has been ground you won’t be able to tell the tree was there.

​Crane Removal for Large Trees

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Utilizing a crane is by far the best way to remove unwanted trees. Often we are able to remove trees in your back yard without leaving your driveway. Using a crane is safer, faster, and more economical than traditional methods of tree removal.

We specialize in Tree Removal by Crane. Using our crane to lift trees out makes difficult removals easy. We can safely reach most backyard trees from the street or driveway. No matter how close your tree is to obstacles we can gently lift if up and away with no damage to structures of landscape. Douglas Tree Services Crane is a great tool but of course we also climb and cut, or use our 55’ Forestry Bucket Trucks, if cheaper than using the crane. Tree Removal Lititz. Today, crane use is the industry standard to remove trees from difficult and hard to reach areas. Unlike other methods, cranes lift and lower heavy pieces to the ground with little or no impact to lawns, plantings or nearby structures. In most cases this eliminates the need to drive heavy trucks and equipment on lawns and planting beds. In every case our trained and experienced crews at Douglas Tree Service make sure to leave your property in nearly perfect condition. Tree trimming Lancaster. Whether you are seeking to preserve the aesthetic value of your outdoor home or simply trying to prevent trees from damaging structures and living areas, our professional staff is ready to address your tree removal needs. Our licensed and experienced crane operators and professional arborists will help you remove your trees safely and quickly without damaging your property. Douglas Tree Service has been providing a full range of tree pruning, tree removal and general arbor care services throughout Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for over twenty years. 

We carry general liability and workers compensation insurance. 

We price our jobs by how many personnel are needed, the equipment needs, what access is like, and the cost of DTS to get there. Once we have a crew and equipment there, additional trees can seem very reasonable.
Our 60 foot aerial boom trucks  and Crane help maintain our safety culture, as well as provide added efficiency. After 18 years, we’ve grown to perhaps the largest tree service in Lancaster County. We enjoy referrals as well as helping smaller tree services in complex jobs. 

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Tree Service Lancaster Pa
Jobs we seek: 

​Crane removals, all removals, large jobs, tree trimming land clearing (under 1acre), good access,  commercial and residential jobs, and complex jobs other tree companies may not be able to perform
Douglas  Tree Service is your common sense, Lancaster County approach to tree trimming or removal needs.
​We can’t always do your job the next day, but we understand and work with short deadlines you may have. 

Our chippers can winch in and chip 13-20” diameter wood with 140-325 horsepower. We do have a large stump grinder and  skid loader. Additionally, the crane is able to remove many trees that have difficult access, as it can reach in and lift out trees

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Priority is given to storm damage, insurance work.

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What sets DTS apart from other tree services? Our company has the expertise and equipment to meet any tree need, our employees are highly trained, and Customer satisfaction is our goal. 

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Tree Service Lancaster Pa
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